Attention Personal Trainers! 

Our In-Home Training System Is GUARANTEED To...

Get you OUT of the gym and cash in on the booming in-home market $$ ... And Never have to rely on the gym again for your next payday

Hey I’m Mike Tangreda,

I was once a personal trainer working out of a gym barely making enough to survive.

Today I’m the CEO and Founder of In Home Trainer — with a team of 100 personal trainers across North America... and I help them establish and grow their own successful in-home training businesses.

From the desk on Mike Tangreda

CEO inhometrainer

Toronto, Canada

Dear Winner,

Every day I talk to trainers that are barely staying afloat… and some who’ve been completely displaced

What they don’t realize is…

The Pandemic has had the exact opposite effect on in-home training.

With less people going to the gym and more people at home than ever before…

In-Home Training has now become a white hot market.

With a tidal wave of anxious, house-bound prospects itching to start training at home.

Because of this tremendous increase in demand, it’s a perfect opportunity to rapidly grow your clientele.

The full turn-key system is already in place for you... 

Don’t miss out on your chance to escape the broken “gym model”...

And start making $10,000 + a month training just 5 hrs per day (or more if you choose).

I want that for you because I understand where you are right now…

And I know what a difference it made for me.

The In Home Training Boom Is Here To Stay!

The PROBLEM is NOT your profession…✔️

If You’re Training Income Has Taken A Nose Dive Ask Yourself This: ✔️

How many days have you spent wasting time you’ll never get back…

Waiting around the gym until your next client shows up?

Or not working at ALL because Covid has destroyed your client base..

Let me tell you about a dirty little industry secret..

If you work for a gym or are considering joining a gym listen carefully!

The gym takes a HUGE cut leaving you with peanuts even though you’re doing all the work.

“Working” 10, 12, even 14 hour days but getting paid for 8 hours or LESS"…

(The gym I worked at took 70%... leaving me with about $20)

For a lot of trainers this can cause a stressful lifestyle — working all the time with little income to show for it.

Missing out on time with friends and family…

Being financially “handcuffed” from doing the fun things you want to do…

And carrying the emotional weight of living paycheck to paycheck.

It’s the middle man. (The gym taking all your money)

But what I’m going to show you will give you the opportunity to change all that…

While still doing what you love — improving people’s lives through fitness.

Read on to discover:

The almost completely untapped market of PT clients ready to pay as much or more than your clients at the gym… ALL straight into YOUR pocket

How trainers are getting back up to 7 hours of their time each day so they can enjoy life with family and friends again

The 5 hour per day = $7500 per month formula that can set you free

Why traditional gyms are going to continue going Belly Up in the Post-COVID world — fuelling even more demand for a new personal training model… AND how YOU can profit by providing it

In Home Trainer has been so popular we’ve been featured in major publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Living Magazine, and many others.

I’ve been doing in home training for just over 20 years and now have trainers using my methods to make $80k, $90k, $120k and up… 

All using my proprietary system (complete with turnkey lead gen and sales formulas that make building your business effortless).

And believe it or not, these formulas work so well my trainers frequently have made $11k, $16k, and even $28,746 in just ONE DAY selling PT packages.

Which is part of how trainers are making anywhere from just under 6-Figures to well over $130k by working as little as 5 hours a day.

Here are some other reasons my trainers have shared with me as to why they prefer in-home training…

  • Never, EVER, have to get up insanely early or drive to the gym in the middle of the day only to have a client no-show or cancel on you at the last minute
  • ​Choose your clients instead of being told who to work with
  • Quit working from 5 to 9 and only getting paid like it’s a 9 to 2
  • ​Stop living paycheck to paycheck and never have to stress about making enough to cover the bills again
  • ​Start travelling, having adventures, and doing all the fun things you’ve been too busy or too broke to do for so long
  • ​Quite simply the average personal trainer works 8-10 hours a day. If you were to continue working those hours as an in home trainer you would bring in somewhere between $144,000 and $180,000...
...and I do have trainers currently doing those kinds of numbers…

But most are around the bottom of that range because they prefer not to work 10 hour days when they’re already making great money.

In fact many opt to work an average of just 5 hours per day for ultimate flexibility and freedom in their lives while still earning a high income.

Now I know on the surface that all may seem hard to believe because it feels unachievable…✔️

But it’s simply the result of you putting your client’s entire PT payment in your own pocket instead of the gym’s.

That’s it. Nothing fancy.

Just a simple redistribution of that income going mostly to the gym… to now going entirely to you.

And I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it.

This is completely different from anything you’ve seen before because what I’ve tapped into is a largely ignored market…

One that quite frankly, I stumbled across.

Years ago as a gym trainer, there was a time the only clients I could get between 10 am and 3 pm were a soccer mom and a sweet old lady… 

I started to think…

Where are all the other housewives and retirees?

And I realized most of them were at home during the day… and many had the disposable income for training.

Of course, this market includes many other people as well, especially with the recent increase in working from home.

Now, you may find one or two other in-home trainers out there who aren’t affiliated with my program (there aren’t many, but it’s possible)..

That’s why I’ve created this special “No Barriers” Offer for you...✔️

Normally you would have to pay at least $1,997 to even access my unique methodology and proven tactics…

But right now to help the multitude of personal trainer’s displaced from their gyms or otherwise affected by the pandemic…

I’m offering a special and very limited introductory offer to gain access to my systems and see if this is for you…

Introducing The In Home Trainer's Instructor Course!

With the In Home Trainer's Instructor Course You'll Get...✔️

The EXACT systems you need to launch your own in home training business, make sales, and get PT contracts in your first 1-7 days…


Word-for-word Sales Scripts and Marketing Templates ($297 value): 

To bring you a steady flow of ready-to-buy clients that convert effortlessly into high ticket PT contracts 

•The $7500 Per Month Training Guide ($199 value): 

So you know exactly the framework to follow to make a MINIMUM of $7500 per month by training less than 5 hours per day.

•10X Your Offer ($597 value): 

Where you’ll discover how to “frame” and present your training service in such a way it’s impossible for prospects to say “I need to think about it” or “maybe later” … PLUS how to fix the #1 mistake personal trainers make that stops them from making sales

•Phone, Email & Text Message Scripts ($197 value): 

Scripts you can swipe and deploy for an immediate increase in sales because you “always know what to say” when following up or closing sales

•10X Your Business Mastermind Recordings ($599 value): 

You can watch my recent virtual event where my trainers and other guests heard from a panel of business experts on what’s working RIGHT NOW to massively scale businesses from 5-Figures to 6-Figures, then multiple 6-Figures to 7-Figures and beyond

•Instant access to my complete inhometrainer's instructor manual

Over 80 pages to learn how to market your business like a pro, including a detailed section on how to sell high ticket training and the in-home workouts that we recommend to keep your clients happy

Given that…

I could have just stopped there and called this training “done”.

But I’m serious about helping you achieve the success you desire.

And so I decided to include…

My Ridiculous Bonuses To Help You Build Momentum Faster ✔️

#1-How To Earn $10K + per month by training just 5 hours per day

($199 Value)

  • Enjoy weekend and evenings with your family and friends

  • ​Never struggle as a personal trainer again

  • ​Instant video access and framework to earn $10K + per month

#2-The In Home Trainer's Instructor Manual

($297 VALUE)

  • 80+ pages and instant download to sky rocket your in-home training business 
  • ​Live video and training tutorials 
  •  Detailed chapters...How to sell, market and crush the competition 
  • ​Includes detailed colourful photos and demonstration of in home exercises and PNF stretching modules 

#3-The Simple Sales Scripts That Get People To Buy Now

($297 VALUE)

  • Phone call scripts to close every prospect
  • ​Email scripts to generate leads
  • Scripts to sell large packages with ease and confidence 

#4-10X Your Income Private Recordings

($597 VALUE)

  • My best inner circle Mastermind presentations
  • Learn from the best ​marketing and personal training experts
  • The keys to generate leads on auto pilot 

Plus Receive All Of This


If, for ANY reason you feel that my system is not beneficial to you and you don’t see in-home training as an incredible opportunity unfolding before you that can change your life…

Improving your finances and giving you back your personal time…

I will gladly refund every penny of the small investment you make today without hesitation.

But here’s the catch…

I can ONLY offer this special deal for a short period of time.✔️

I want to help but I can’t just give away the keys to the kingdom and all my hard work forever...

My In Home Training 6-Figure Blueprint is meant to give you a chance to open up the door to a whole new world…

One of freedom and enjoyment where you’re free from financial stress…

Yet where you can continue to thrive at what you already know and are great at…

Which is helping people feel better and live better (and longer) by improving their fitness.

Well I think someone should do something similar for you — because I know how much my life changed when I left the gym and started doing in home training...

That’s why I’ve created this special limited time offer so that you can get your foot in the door WITHOUT having to spend thousands, of dollars…✔️

Instead you can unlock access to this opportunity today — completely risk free — for just $197.

That way there’s really nothing to stand in your way…

Worst case scenario... you put up $197... decide it’s not for you… I give you back your $197 immediately.

Best case scenario?

You triple your income (or more) and work roughly half as much as you are now.

All you need to do to get started is fill in your info and click the button below to claim your In Home Trainer 6-Figure Blueprint.

Once you’ve completed your order, within seconds your IHT 6-Figure Blueprint materials and login information will be delivered straight to your inbox.

You can start using the actionable information right away…

And our support team is standing by in case you have any questions whatsoever.

It’s as easy as that.

So it’s up to you…

You can choose to ignore this and stay right where you are now…

Making the same insufficient money and working the same unreasonably long hours…

Or you can choose to take action, take control, and years into your bright future you can look back on this as an incredible turning point that shaped your life for the better.

I hope you’ll choose the latter.

Instant Access To The In Home Trainer's Instructor Course

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